Emerging Housing Scholars

The Canadian Housing Evidence Collaborative is committed to supporting and nurturing the future generation of housing professionals.

CHEC aims to attract new researchers and professionals to housing, homelessness, and related disciplines to develop the quality and quantity of housing expertise in Canada.
CHRN Emerging Housing Scholars receive:

  1. access to a community of practice and housing experts from across sectors;
  2. Enrollment in the Foundations in Canadian Housing Policy
  3. training in knowledge mobilization and research impact; and
  4. Participate in the Canadian Housing Summer Institute.

Community Housing Canada is proud to support our emerging housing scholars:

Erika Cizek, University of Alberta

“After completing my BA in Geography at Carleton University where I undertook an undergraduate thesis focusing on housing affordability in rural Ottawa, I am looking forward to further pursuing my interest in the growing need for affordable housing solutions in rural Canada. I spent much of my childhood and adolescence in the Kootenays, where I have seen many families and individuals forced to move elsewhere due to a lack of rental housing. Through my research, I hope to contribute to the housing debate in my community and help make it accessible to those who wish to build their lives in this stunning natural landscape.”

Chloé Reiser, University of New Brunswick

Chloé Reiser, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New-Brunswick, Areas 1 and 3 “Dr. Reiser’s research in social and urban geography investigates the impacts of public policies and housing market transformations on vulnerable migrants’ residential trajectories. As part of the Area of Inquiry 3, her research will be focused on social inclusion in community housing with an emphasis on multicultural and newcomer communities.” “I really appreciate that research at Community Housing Canada is conducted in partnership with community housing groups. During my PhD, I too volunteered with tenants’ rights organizations in Montreal and organized many activities in co-ops and nonprofits housing, which gave me a better understanding of the real housing issues experienced by immigrant families and strengthened my commitment to the Right to Housing and the Rights of Migrants.”

Bon Swanson, University of Alberta

A recent graduate of the University of Alberta, Bon holds a BA in Human Geography and has been with Community Housing Canada since 2019.

“As a non-academic member of Community Housing Canada, I am excited to be given the opportunity to take part in the Emerging Housing Scholars program. I look forward to learning more about the fascinating landscape of housing in Canada and to further my career in this emerging and vitally important field.”