Community Housing Canada is contributing to increasing the sustainability and resiliency of Canada’s community housing sector. We are part of an independent, Canada-wide collaboration of academics and community partners: The Collaborative Housing Research Network (CHRN).

Message from the Director

In Canada, housing is now recognized as a fundamental human right. Yet, 12% of Canada’s households struggle to access affordable, suitable and adequate housing. The community housing sector is the backbone of Canada’s response to this housing need.  Made up of social, affordable and cooperative housing, it is home to 4.3% of all Canadian households. Much unmet need remains, and the sector faces significant challenges. We are addressing complex questions that need answers to ensure that the renewal and expansion of community housing is sustainable and resilient:

Each of our six research teams is focused on one of the above questions.  Teams are composed of university researchers and community housing providers and associations. Together, we are co-creating knowledge and charting a course for a sustainable and resilient community housing system. I am proud to direct this partnership to work toward a strengthened housing landscape in Canada and ensure that every resident of Canada’s human right to housing is respected, protected and fulfilled. On behalf of all of us at Community Housing Canada, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about our work.