Job Openings at Athabasca University

Co-Investigator Dr Katie McDonald is seeking two research assistants to begin in July 2022!

Guiding Professional Development in Canadian Affordable Housing

Job 1:
An environmental scan will be conducted to document and assess the professional development opportunities that already exist in Canada for housing professionals, which are often offered at local levels. The process will include systematically reviewing the offerings and associated learning outcomes, as described by provincial and territorial associations and relevant college or university programs or courses. Provincial and territorial associations will then also be contacted to ensure that the information collected is accurate and to determine if any new courses or programs are being developed. They will also be asked to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities in housing PD. The RA will collaborate with the PI on a report analyzing current offerings, and the strengths and limitations for application at a national level.

Job 2:
The Research Assistant will contribute to the qualitative research portion of a grant looking at professional development in Canadian affordable housing. Semi-structured, in-depth interviews will be conducted with 25 to 35 leaders in the Canadian affordable housing sector. Employing Generative Knowledge Interviewing (GKI), interviews will aim to elicit leaders’ perspectives on professional needs in the sector, as well as have them describe their experiences and expertise. The interviews will seek to elicit both explicit and tacit knowledge. Using thematic analysis, team members will identify core national themes across interviews as well as particularities, such as rural or urban needs, population differences, type of housing, and affordability mechanisms such as a portable rent benefit or mixed income developments.

Published by Bon Swanson

I am the Project Coordinator for Community Housing Canada. I help behind the scenes with administrative tasks, communications and research management within CHC. I can be reached directly at

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