Perceptions of Health and Wellbeing Benefits from Living in Housing Cooperatives in Canada

We are excited to announce that Mandeep Sidhu has successfully defended his master’s thesis at Lakehead University! Mandeep’s study explores how housing cooperatives can promote health and well-being.

Cross-sectional data were collected using semi-structured interviews with representatives and members of fourteen housing cooperatives across Canada. Data analysis was guided by two frameworks proposing how social enterprise and housing promote health and well-being. Overall, research demonstrates that housing cooperatives may improve members’ health and wellbeing via the mechanisms for how social enterprise and housing and health frameworks. The results represent a starting point for housing cooperatives and researchers seeking to demonstrate the benefits to the health and well-being of this tenure type. Also, results suggest potential differences in health and wellbeing arising from community size, location, housing density and target population. The study is among the first in Canada to attempt to provide an overview of potential mechanisms for health and wellbeing arising from housing cooperative tenure.

Find the thesis here:

Published by Bon Swanson

I am the Project Coordinator for Community Housing Canada. I help behind the scenes with administrative tasks, communications and research management within CHC. I can be reached directly at

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