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[Researched online content ] Are Secondary Suites Positive Additions to Municipalities? 10 Reasons Why…and Why Not (webpage) and Secondary Suites Infographic (Twitter)

[Researched online content] 5 Myths about homelessness and housing instability (Twitter). [Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, Tweet 4, Tweet 5]

[Researched online content] Gim, J. Imagining Community Housing Futures

Graduate Theses

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Funding Applications

[Funding Application]. Mitacs Accelerate (2022). Social and Economic Governance in Alberta’s Seniors and Community Housing Sector.  Successful.

[Funding Application]. Mitacs Globalink (2022): Studentification in Canada (for 2023 internship). Successful.

[Funding Application] Das, R., Richman, R., Touchie, M., de Vos, E., Navarroza, H., Meredith, M., Albert, M. (2021. Community housing sustainability solutions: Bridging the data-knowledge divide. Application to CMHC Housing Supply Challenge. Data Driven Solutions for informed decision-making. Unsuccessful.